History of the City of Mesa

As the state’s third-largest city with nearly 500,000 residents located just 20 miles east of Phoenix, Mesa serves as an important regional hub for commerce and education.

The city is well-known for its breathtaking views of Superstition Mountains, as well as its pleasant desert climate and its occasionally unbearable heat. Mesa was a small town with one-square-mile stake of property to its name.

The small town that was established in 1878 has transformed into a thriving suburb. A team of Mormon pioneers led by Daniel Webster Jones first arrived in Lehi, which is now located on northern edge of Mesa.

Instead of settling down on the mesa which later became the town’s name, First Mesa Company rejected Jones’s offer to relocate to Lehi. Foreseeing how hot it was, this company began digging irrigation channels, some of which had been in use for thousands of years by Hohokam Indians who once lived there.

When water started to flow through canals, word spread Mesa had become a place to live. This one-square-mile townsite was officially established on July 17, 1878. There were only 300 residents in 1883, the earliest year of the town’s existence.

Despite this, the small town persevered and grew in population and quality of life. The newly widened canals allowed for the construction and purchase of new power plants. It was only because Mesa had its own utility company that the city was able to weather the worst of Great Depression and continue to develop and grow.


Falcon Field Airport as well as Williams Air Force Base were just being built in Mesa, Arizona, during World War II, when the Allies were desperately in need of trained pilots. Since becoming a historical museum, Falcon Field was used by the British Royal Air Force.

For U.S Air Force, Williams Air Force Base served as a training ground for thousands of men who would go on to serve their country in combat.

Air conditioning brought about a significant increase in Mesa’s population, even though many military families had relocated there during World War II The small settlement was transformed into modern city that it is today as a result of a tourist as well as industry boom.

The city of Mesa, AZ. When it was just a small town, it became a bustling suburban city, attracting people from all over the world because of its beautiful views, desert landscape, & extreme heat.

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